The FF filter’s performance has been tested in accordance with ISO 12500-1, ISO 8573-2, ISO 8573-4 and ISO 8573.5 independently verified by Lloyds quality guarantee.


Using aerospace technology, it has optimized the flow path through the housing and element, significantly reducing air turbulence and pressure losses.

Coalescing and dust removal filters use a high efficiency borosilicate glass nanofiber material which has a 96% voids volume, providing media with excellent filtration efficiency and a high dirt holding capacity.

Alocrom and dry powder epoxy coated for full corrosion protection.

The no tie-rod design minimizes the required installation space and bowl removal distance, which enables easy and fast filter maintenance that simply takes seconds.

You can check the interested models and send inquiry to us.
Filter_Model Diameter m³/min Element_Model Element_quantity
4"Flange 60 DHE150-grade 3
5"Flange 78 DHE150-grade 4
6"Flange 117 DHE150-grade 6
8"Flange 195 DHE150-grade 10
10"Flange 312 DHE150-grade 16
12"Flange 468 DHE150-grade 24
You can check the interested models and send inquiry to us.
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