The Fusheng GW series combined with advanced industrial technology, 100% oil free, with high efficiency IE3 motor and low noise vibration operation, provide high quality oil free compressed air solution.
Due to its precise and planned design, the Fusheng GW scroll series has the most ideal floor space, can be placed in limited interior space and workplaces, and the exhaust range is from 0.345 ~ 1.76 m3 / min. The operating pressure was 7/8/10 bar. low power of 5-20HP, which can realize low maintenance and operation cost.
Pure oil-free air – Without any oil and water between compression process, high cleanliness, no oil pollution, line with ISO 8573.1 Class 0 Compressed air Quality .
Low noise level – High reliability, durability, lower noise and vibration.
Energy efficiency – Start / stop and without unloading state.
More environmentally friendly - No need to replace oil, oil filter, oil fine separation, no waste disposal problem.
Easy service and maintenance – Less spare parts and valves.

High precision – High quality control of manufacturing and assembly
High discharge temperature – Over 200℃ at 0.8Mpa
High environmental sensitivity – Ambient temperature must lower than 40 ℃

You can check the interested models and send inquiry to us.
Model (Two Stage) Working Pressure (kg/c㎡G) Delivery(m³/min) Motor Power (kW) Motor Power (HP) Weight (kg)
7/8/10 0.44/0.425/0.345 3.7 5 170
7/8/10 0.44/0.425/0.345 3.7 5 325
7/8/10 0.88/0.85/0.69 3.7X2 5X2 440
7/8/10 1.32/1.275/1.035 3.7X3 5X3 650
7/8/10 1.76/1.7/1.38 3.7X4 5X4 720
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