The Fusheng H series feature air-cooled reciprocating compressors that provide stable operation at low vibrations with minimal noise. These compressors were designed with an excellent cooling effect that discharges air at a low temperature at the exit and does not need any additional cooling devices; this enables longer operation times. The compact design allows for minimal space requirement and easy installation while the door-latch design allows for fewer screws, and thus easier and more convenient access for maintenance. The H series is further equipped with an oil-filled pressure gauge, operating time meter, and with adjustable feet, which are perfect for rough floor surfaces. The fully automatic controls allow for easy operation.


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Model (Single Stage) Working Pressure (kg/c㎡G) Delivery(m³/min) Motor Power (HP) Weight (kg) Dimension(L x W x H)
7 0.31 3 230 900 x 640 x 990
7 0.478 5 322 860 x 705 x 1140
7 0.896 10 412 1060 x 940 x 1250
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