The SL series low-pressure screw compressor uses airends specially designed for low-pressure applications. The rotor clearance and the housing of the airend are precisely designed with the exhaust source altered, the bearing pedestal enlarged, and all the airends adjusted to meet the requirements for large air delivery and low pressure. The unit outputs the pressure that is needed directly and avoids energy loss from over-compression, re-expansion, and leakage, thus saving over 25% of energy usage. The entire system runs under low-pressure, which lowers the amount of stress and heat load that is placed on the parts. This enables compressor operation that is more stable with a longer service life.


This unit features an independent oil pump design and utilizes IE3 motor. It uses an automatic pneumatic system, which starts the machine by detecting oil pressure needs to avoid unnecessary energy waste.

The SL series introduced the combined design of axial air intake, allowing the effective screw length for compression to be fully utilized. The airend operating noise and radial unbalanced force are effectively lowered and the service life is extended.

Large particles are first filtered out by cyclone airflow rather than via adsorption onto the filter element surface, preventing clogging. The independent air intake duct design allows direct intake of the colder outer air, which improves induction air density and thus, the overall efficiency.

The combined functions of anti-reverse, oil-breaking, and capacity control are integrated, and the low-pressure drop design optimizes the suction efficiency. When running, it can automatically adjust according to the change of the actual compressed air demand and have a more precise control of the unloading pressure.

Bearing lubrication uses separated lubrication piping instead of lubrication by oil vapor from a secondary oil return pipe. These units are equipped with a separated oil filter to ensure the cleanness of lubricant.

The enlarged oil separator design provides a larger oil separation area. In addition to the improved filtering effect, it also reduces the pressure drop generated during the oil separation process. The oil gas tank cover adopts Fusheng’s patented spindle design, which makes the replacement of oil separator elements simpler.

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Model Working Pressure (kg/c㎡G) Delivery (m³/min) Motor Power HP (kW) Voltage (V) - 60Hz Noise dB(A) Dimension L.W.H. (mm)
3 10 40 (30) 380 415 70 2180 x 1330 x 1850
3 17 75 (55) 380 415 75 2740 x 1710 x 1725
3 20 85 (63) 380 415 75 2900 x 1860 x 1945
3 23 100 (75) 380 415 75 2900 x 1860 x 1945
3 33 150 (110) 380 415 80 3520 x 2290 x 2030
3 33 150 (110) 380 415 80 3520 x 2290 x 2030
3 46 215 (160) 380 415 80 4200 x 2300 x 2300
3 46 215 (160) 380 415 80 4200 x 2300 x 2300
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