The Fusheng SA series compressors are built with advanced patented helical teeth rotors and delicately processed one-piece casings. These rotary screw air compressors use premium technology to run efficiently and at low cost. They run on 5.5 kW to 220 kW of horsepower, have discharge volumes between 0.85m3/min and 42.0m3/min (operating pressure 7.0kg/cm2G), and meet the international energy efficiency standards. The well-balanced, low vibration, quiet, and overall ergonomic designs enable easy maintenance and space planning, featuring the advanced and thoughtful design of the high-efficiency flow field in the cooling channel and high-precision oil filter. The screw air compressor comes with an intelligent human-machine interface control system and a computerized self-diagnostic safety feature. It is an industrial grade compressor designed for wide industrial applications.
The Fusheng SA series is verified by TUV Rheinland, a third-party testing laboratory. The design of the compressed air system is based on the five elements (the 5 S’s) that we want our products to provide for the customers - security protection (Safety), ease of Service (Service), stability and reliability (Stable), the international certification (Specification - compliant) and Energy Saving (Cost Saving).

All parts are specifically selected, and the environmental temperature tolerance is increased to 40 ℃. All oil pipes are designed to have a high temperature tolerance. The structure is designed for continuous use, where consumable parts are drastically reduced, and the unit is easy to maintain. The efficiency of the low-speed drive was also enhanced to promise a high energy-efficiency ratio and minimal vibration and noise.

All maintenance points are designed within reach and the air filters, oil filters, and oil separators are designed to be screw-on components for easy maintenance. The special soundproof shields are designed to reduce noise effectively.

High Performance Airends --- The rotors are manufactured with special techniques developed from Fusheng’s R&D center in Germany and are 100% reliable for continuous operation. The upgraded high-end gear tooth allows for high capacity usage and energy-saving demands. The optimized air suction design maximizes rotor usage to improve compression efficiency.

e-COOL™ is environmentally-friendly technology that combines a smart compressor layout, strategic component selection and location, and cooling airflow and operation to minimize the impact of temperature on a compressor’s efficiency and reliability. A combination of high efficiency front-tilted centrifugal fans and independent cooling channels are adopted in the design to guarantee strong forced convection and cooling effects. The decreased thermal stress extends the life of components and lowers internal compressor temperatures, resulting in better volumetric and electrical efficiency.

The airend is driven by the main motor via a gear set instead of a belt and pulley, therefore reducing the loss of power transmission. The direct driven airend and drivetrain work together with the IE3 ultra high-efficiency motor to create a high-performance system.

The SA PLUS series has a Smart controller that supports multiple languages, including English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

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Model (VSD) Working Pressure (kg/c㎡G) Delivery(m³/min) Motor Power(kW) Motor Power(HP) Voltage(V)- 60Hz
7 0.834 5.5 7.5 220/380/440
8 0.82 5.5 7.5 220/380/440
7 1.246 7.5 10 220/380/440
7 1.751 11 15 220/380/440
8 1.688 11 15 220/380/440
8 1.65 11 15 220/380/440
9 2.106 15 20 220/380/440
7 2.507 15 20 220/380/440
7 2.316 15 20 220/380/440
7 4.692 22 30 220/380/440
7 3.529 22 30 220/380/440
8 3.517 22 30 220/380/440
7 6.338 37 50 220/380/440
8 6.286 37 50 220/380/440
10 5.073 37 50 220/380/440
10 5.073 37 50 220/380/440
7 6.498 37 50 220/380/440
8 6.401 37 50 220/380/440
9 5.437 37 50 220/380/440
8 10.45 55 75 220/380/440
8 10.46 55 75 220/380/440
8 13.953 75 100 220/380/440
8 13.96 75 100 220/380/440
10 18.665 110 150 380/440
10 18.67 110 150 380/440
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Cement Industry
Metal Manufacturing
Paper Industry
Power Industry
Textile Industry
Aerospace Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Plastic Products
Steel & High-Tech Industry
Tire Industry
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