SAV-M series magnet variable speed drive screw air compressor adopt high efficiency oil-cooled magnet frequency motor, intelligent frequency conversion control and screw airend , also upgrade optimization design of the system. Compared with the traditional frequency conversion screw air compressor, the specific power much better, and compared with the air compressor driven by the fixed speed, the energy saving can reach 50%, and you will get more FAD. Nontraditional Design of air compressor, the vertical design of SAV-M series magnet variable speed drive screw air compressor covers a smaller area, greatly saving the site and working space.

The vertical design ensures that the lubricating oil on the end face of the permanent magnet motor and the spiral rotor is fully infiltrated and further improves the cooling effect of the lubricating oil.

Streamline runner design, reduce the pressure loss, turbulence and noise in the work, high efficiency and energy saving.

Using high-efficiency external rotor axial flow fan, no independent fan motor, low starting current, stable and low noise.The fan blade adopts bionic design, with strong cooling effect and low operating noise.

The permanent magnet motor maintains at good working conditions as it is synchronized at low rpm. The output is stable even within the range of rpm regulation, much better than a typical induction motor. Top efficiency is achieved even at light loading.

You can check the interested models and send inquiry to us.
Model (VSD) Working Pressure (kg/c㎡G) Delivery(m³/min) Motor Power(kW) Motor Power(HP) Voltage(V)- 60Hz
7 1.171~0.586 7.5 10 220/380/440
7 1.233~0.617 7.5 10 220/380/440
7 1.999~0.666 11 15 220/380/440
7 2.777~0.926 15 20 220/380/440
7 4.008~1.336 22 30 220/380/440
7 4.040~1.347 22 30 220/380/440
7 6.613~2.204 37 50 220/380/440
7 10.043~3.348 55 75 220/380/440
7 10.045~3.348 55 75 220/380/440
7 14.099~4.700 75 100 220/380/440
7 14.102~4.701 75 100 220/380/440
7 20.290~6.763 110 150 220/380/440
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