After years of practice and working with clients, the BSR series screw refrigerant compressors have acquired numerous awards and certifications from various domestic and international institutes, including the UL(USA), CE mark (EU), PED(EU), ISO 9001, the Symbol of Excellence award (Taiwan), and many more. Each compressor is under 42bar hydraulic pressure examination to ensure the safety of its structure.

The BSR screw refrigerant compressors are built with high-precision helical rotors and they feature minimal backlash, highly efficient operation, and compact structures. The compressors are small, easy to install, and they minimize low pressure loss and vibration. These units offer precise volume control, and a long service lifespan. The BSR213S to BSR616 produce discharge volumes of 143 to 2351m3/hr (60Hz).

The BSR series have been the best selection for various application industries, including air conditioning systems, hi-tech dust-free rooms, climate control rooms, and food refrigeration systems.


This series has a complete product line that can satisfy application demands from 25 to 500USRT. Twin-compressors can output up to 1000USRT and can directly replace centrifugal compressors. When used in combination with variable frequency (20~80Hz) and the patented real-time adjustable volume fraction (VI1.5~3.5) mechanical structure, the average energy-efficiency value would be 10-20% greater than in a constant frequency model.

The highly efficient electric motor, from a well-known brand, is recognized for its excellent stability and efficiency. It was built with a PTC thermistor and the newest protection module to accurately monitor the coil temperature of the motor and to ensure its normal functioning. The optimum design of the cooling channel further expands the application scope.

The Fusheng 5:6 asymmetrical rotor tooth is processed and formed by the British HOLROYD rotor processing machinery and the German KAPP and KLINGELNBERG precision rotor grinder. Rotors are strictly measured by the German ZEISS and LEITZ three-coordinates measuring machine. They are tremendously precise, efficient, stable and reliable. Optimal clearance values between rotors are maintained, even under continuous operation, allowing it to perform at the highest efficiency.

The specially designed three-stage high density oil/air separator has a 99.7% oil separation efficiency. The oil filter features outstanding precision and can prevent foreign materials from entering the capacity regulation chamber and the bearings. The extensive low-pressure loss inhaling filter can increase the evaporation temperature and the overall energy-efficiency value.

This series features optimized volume fraction settings, an outstanding motor match, and an outstanding COP value. Variations in matching between the coolant and refrigerant oil are available to enable the best functions in the wide range of applications.

The capacity regulation valve can control the capacity modulation of the system precisely. A selection of patented four-stage and step-less designs are available for controlling the capacity regulation of the compressor. Various built-in volume fractions can be chosen for application to different coolant operating modes. An outboard solenoid valve is used for control and in-load.

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Model Displacement(m³/hr) R22Cooling_Capacity(USRT) R134a_Cooling_Capacity(USRT)
143 37 24
162 42 27
206 53 35
238 61 40
258 67 45
322 84 56
379 99 66
397 107 71
474 128 85
528 146 94
566 156 101
667 184 124
743 205 137
835 236 158
912 257 173
1025 291 195
1130 321 215
1183 339 226
1269 354 236
1319 378 252
1337 380 253
1472 422 281
1472 422 281
1739 499 336
1743 499 336
2114 607 409
2114 607 409
2351 674 454
2351 674 454
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