The production of compressed air inevitably leads to the production of condensate. In most cases, the condensate diffuses throughout the compressed air system during transport and, as a result, damages the compressed air system, leading to increased costs. The FA series uses valves with a capacitive level sensor that detects condensation levels and discharges automatically. The ability to discharge at the right time with an electronic device can prevent the loss of compressed air and save energy.


ZERO AIR LOSS: Maximum energy savings

HIGHEST RELIABILITY: Unaffected by dirt

LOWEST MAINTENANCE: Reduce overall time and costs

FULLY AUTOMATIC & SENSOR CONTROLLED: Monitors both level and function

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Model Compressor Use- capacity (m³/ min) Freeze Dryer Use- capacity (m³/ min) Filter Use- capacity (m³/ min)
15 30 150
30 60 300
90 190 1000
300 600 3000
700 1400 7000
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