At Fusheng, we value all the feedback that we receive. Through customer visits, the customer service line, questionnaires, satisfaction surveys, and the worldwide service network, we can better grasp our customers’ needs and expectations and reflect them onto our future products and service quality. In striving to pursue excellence, we hope to attain the highest customer satisfaction ratings.


Fusheng GoService is an IoT smart platform system that optimizes equipment maintenance and function. Data are collected from the compressed air system (CAS) and analyzed to determine the need for optimizations, allowing for smarter CAS management.

Fusheng APP

FUSHENG TOOLS - This app offers relevant calculation tools and supplementary information for the optimization of compressed air stations, e.g. the determination of pressure drops or the amount of leakage.
FUSHENG AR - In the past, products details could only be accessed through sales or on-site viewing. Now with FUSHENG AR, our products can be demoed anytime and anywhere. 
GoService is an IoT service for customers provided by FuSheng Industry Group. By GoService customers can get instant information of Compressors Status, Historical Data, Predicted Electricity Cost, Event Status, Compressors information, and also work orders, Real-time information, notifications and the service profile.. Through each kind of information mentioned above, we expect to assist customers to control and adjust their compressors and also save energy.
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